COUNTERPUNCH: Hersh, the US and the Sabotage of the Nordstream Pipelines

Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner


FEBRUARY 15, 2023


The revelations contained Seymour Hersh’s analysis of the evidence pointing to US authorship of the blowing up of the Nordstream pipelines[1]is compelling, and in a normal world this would cause a governmental crisis, a condemnation of the terror attack by the US Congress, a call for an internal investigation into illegal activities by the CIA and Pentagon, an international investigation under UN auspices, a cautious statement by the UN Secretary-General, a Protest by the United Nations Environmental Programme, a generalized media uprising, and even require the Biden Administration to step down in the light of the magnitude of the gross violation of the UN Charter and international treaties.

It is mind-boggling: The country that claims to be a defender of international law engages is a brazen terror operation conducted in the name of…

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