Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner

Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair

“Fake news” and “post-truth” are popular neologisms — but they have actually been part of the political landscape for a very long time. We have learned to live with fake news, fake history and bogus law.We swim in an ocean of lies and dis-information, but somehow manage to survive the economic and political sharks all around us.

What is far more worrisome is the phenomenon that there are “real facts” that cry out for our attention, that demand urgent action, and that our politicians and media treat as non-existent or marginal, e.g. exorbitant military expenses, skewed national budgets, xenophobic war-mongering, structural violence, military aggression, unilateral coercive measures, financial blockades, the homologation of the media, manifestly unjust laws, the corruption of the “rule of law” through legal scams and “lawfare”, the penetration of public institutions by intelligence services, the “weaponization” of human rights…

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