COUNTERPUNCH: No Right Arises From a Wrong

Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner

APRIL 7, 2022


ex injuria non oritur jus

Photo credit: United Nations (UN)

“Getting away with it” does not render blatant aggression any less criminal. Aggression remains a supreme crime, as Chief Prosecutor Robert Jackson said in his opening statement at the Nuremberg Trials in 1945. Getting away with a crime does not and cannot legalize any crime, it only manifests the inadequacy of the administration of criminal justice and of the political institutions responsible for the enforcement of the “rule of law”.

Surely the US aggressions against Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia 1963-75, the aggression of NATO countries against Yugoslavia in 1999, against Afghanistan in the 20-year war 2001-2021, the assault on Iraq by the “coalition of the willing” in 2003, the military interventions in Libya and Syria since 2011, Saudi Arabia’s on-going genocidal war against Yemen, Azerbaijan’sBlitzkrieg

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