The Security Council Fails the World on Nordstream

Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner


MARCH 31, 2023

After the thorough, coherent and credible investigation conducted by Seymour Hersh[1]of the sabotage of Nordstream, any tribunal under the rule of law would commence an investigation of the terroristic bombing. Indeed, in the United States any grand jury would find that the evidence already in the public domain suffices to indict the suspect for the crime and open formal criminal proceedings,a fortioriin the absence of any credible evidence to the contrary.

The investigations conducted by Seymour Hersh constitute a solid basis to justify the establishment of an independent international investigation. Such an investigation would require the consent of those countries whose territorial sovereignty extends over the area where the explosions took place, namely Sweden and Denmark.

Sweden’s obligations vis-à-vis the world

Sweden has already carried out an investigation and should have voluntarily shared the results with the United Nations…

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